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Holistic Yoga with Julia Moore

Yoga offers a simple, enjoyable way to increase your health and wellbeing. You do not need to be super bendy, vegetarian, in good health or youthful. Yoga is for everyone. In addition to improving posture, alleviating pain, strengthening weak areas of the body and increasing your range of movement, yoga practice fosters feelings of wellbeing, peace and contentment.

Yoga Classes in Crouch End Late Spring Term

The Haelan Yoga Studio is above the Haelan Centre Organic Store, opposite the clock tower in the centre of Crouch End. Directions to the Studio

Holistic Yoga is a constantly evolving teaching that is inspired by a diverse array of both modern and ancient ideas. I am particularly interested in the scientific study of yoga as a life enhancing practice. As such we work with postures, mindfulness, breath work, positive thinking, deep relaxation and developing our awareness.

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