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Welcome to Holistic Yoga Crouch End

julia moore yoga crouch end
Holistic Yoga Crouch End – Intelligent Movement Medicine for Every Body

You’ll feel welcome at these small, friendly yoga classes in Crouch End and Finsbury Park held by an highly knowledgable full time yoga teacher. Learn enjoyable and appropriate yoga and somatic movement, for your unique body and mind. Julia has over ten years of teaching experience and has been practising yoga for nearly thirty years. So you know you are in safe hands.

yoga meditation for stess reduction
Movement for Strength and Flexibility – Meditation for Peace and Clarity

Practising yoga moves you beyond your habitual patterns. Using focussed attention you’ll explore how your body can find spacious ease within itself. You’ll learn how to release tension and deeply relax. This creates a feeling of freedom and peace. Yoga practices like breath work and mindfulness offer ways of to help us to calm and clear our over stimulated, over active minds.

Support Your Health and Wellbeing with Yoga Designed for Your Body and Lifestyle

Julia draws from a wealth of experience in hatha yoga, yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, back care yoga, restorative yoga, yoga as taught by Vanda Scaravelli, Hanna Somatics, yoga nidra and meditation to create unique classes specific to your individual needs. She offers courses, classes and private sessions as well as weekend and week long yoga retreats.

Crouch End Yoga and Finsbury Park Yoga - Class Timetable

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