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Holistic Yoga classes – Crouch End and Finsbury Park

crouch end yoga classes



Term Starts: Monday 9th January and runs to Saturday 11th February.

Most students book the half term course of classes, it’s cheaper (£11 per class) and this supports your commitment to a weekly practice. Swapping weekday classes within the same week is ok if you tell me, then I can make sure there is space for you in the class.
If you have a busy schedule or are a new student, starting part way through the course, you can drop in (£14.50 per class, first class is £10).
Please text me on 07800 959 543 to book a half term course or drop in space.



Mondays 1:30 – 3pm:    Gentle Holistic Yoga Class

Haelan Centre Studio, Crouch End
Half Term Cost: £55; Drop In Cost: £14.50


Tuesdays 6:45 – 8:15pm:    Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

A specialised course for people with back pain, no drop ins. Find out more here.
The next course starts on the 10th January 2017, it runs from 6:30 – 8pm email me to find out more or register for this 12 week course.
London School of Capoeira, Finsbury Park


Wednesdays 11:30 – 1pm:    General Holistic Yoga Class

NB this class is not suitable for beginners or pregnant women;
Priory Park Pavilion, Crouch End
Half Term Cost:£55; Drop In Cost£14.50


Wednesdays 6:15pm – 7:30pm:    Gentle Yin Yoga and Somatics

NB: not for 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy
British School of Shiatsu, Finsbury Park
Half Term Cost: £55; Drop In Cost: £14.50


Fridays 11:30 – 1pm:    General Holistic Yoga Class

Haelan Centre Studio, Crouch End
Half Term Cost: £55; Drop In Cost £14.50


Saturdays 10:15 – 11:45am:    General Holistic Yoga Class

Haelan Centre Studio, Crouch End
Half Term Cost: £55; Drop In Cost: £14.50

Class Desciptions

General Holistic Yoga Classes are for everyone (except for the Wednesday 11:30am which is not for beginners). These classes are fine for pregnant women (over 12 weeks) and postnatal students who are able to leave their babies with a carer.

yoga crouch end

Gentle Yin Yoga and Somatics Classes are for everyone, except pregnant women in the 2nd – 3rd trimester. A good choice for people with occasional or chronic stress, joint pain, back pain, sciatica; people living with MS, ME or convalescing.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Courses a 12 week course starting in January, April and September. This is a scientifically validated course for people with chronic back pain, which includes homework sheets, a book and relaxation CD.

Yoga Venue Descriptions

Crouch End Yoga Classes Venues

The Haelan Centre Studio, Crouch End is above a whole food shop, just opposite the clock tower. The address is 41 The Broadway, Crouch End, London N8 8DT. The entrance is by the side of the shop in Crouch Hall Road, it’s a white door. Ring the studio bell to gain entrance to the studio. Climb the four flights of stairs to the second floor, then go the left until you see the waiting room. If coming for the first time, see Information for First Time Students / Beginners.

Priory Park Pavillion, Crouch End is off Priory Road, N8. It is a short walk from the main entrance in Priory Road just past the tennis courts.
See here for a map
Click here for CPZ maps of the Crouch End area. 

Finsbury Park Yoga Class Venues

London School of Capoeira, Finsbury Park Units 1 and 2 Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF Walk down Fonthill Road away from Finsbury Park station, turn left at Tollington Park and walk a little way past Marriott Road, the School is on the corner of Leeds Place and Tollington Park.
See here for a map.

British School of Shiatsu, Finsbury Park is on Thane Works, off Thane Villas, which is off Seven Sisters Road (the one way section). Parking is available in nearby streets after 6pm on non match days. Bike racks are provided. Two disabled parking spaces are available outside the studio.
See here for directions.
Click here for CPZ map of Finsbury Park including details of Arsenal home match dates