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Holistic Yoga Crouch End – Intelligent Movement Medicine for Every Body

Welcome to Holistic Yoga!
My name is Julia. My passion is to make yoga available to more people, especially people who think that they can’t do yoga. The truth is, everyone can do yoga. This is because it is adaptable for every unique body, even if you have aches, stiffness, injuries or ailments. In fact it is not necessary to be able to touch your toes or stand on your head to feel the massive benefits of yoga. All you need to do is come to class and enjoy breathing, stretching and moving in a way that feels comfortable and relaxing.
Once you start, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without yoga in your life 🙂

yoga meditation for stess reduction
Movement for Strength and Flexibility – Meditation for Peace and Clarity

Why Practice Yoga?
Before cars, sofas, washing machines and modern toilets we moved a lot more. This made us into resilient and strong human beings. Yoga is a great way of exploring how we can welcome this greater range of movement back into our lives again.
Whereas our bodies have too little movement these days, our minds have far too much stimulation. We have to contend with computers, social media, adverts, TVs and smartphones in both our work and leisure time.
Yoga offers us both enjoyable movement and peaceful stillness; it brings us back into balance.

Supporting Health & Wellbeing – Yoga for Your Unique Body & Lifestyle

What is Holistic Yoga?
This yoga isn’t drawn from one particular style, lineage or teacher. Instead it is a blend of ideas and practices that I’ve come across on my own healing journey. As I was not born particularly strong or healthy, I’ve always been on a bit of a quest to feel better. Consequently, I’m more interested in how you feel in a yoga posture, rather than how well you are doing the posture. You’ll learn to let your body sensations guide you. There is space to share thoughts and ask questions. There’s also a lot of detail in the verbal instruction. In this way, you learn to adapt the yoga to your own needs.