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Welcome to Holistic Yoga

Yoga is for everyone… regardless of age, flexibility, body size, gender, ethnicity, religion, fitness, health or wealth.

These friendly, relaxed classes to help you manage mild to moderate aches, pains, stress and anxiety using gentle yoga practices, mindfulness and somatic movement.

I’ve a lot of experience in teaching people who think they can’t “do” yoga. The truth is, if you can breathe, then you can do yoga. And if you practice regularly, it can be a great support to your health and wellbeing. 

Featured on ITV’s Tonight Programme & BBC Online. Trained with Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, The Minded Institute and Anatomy in Motion

What can yoga help me with?

yoga for pain and aches

Yoga for Aches and Pain

In the last ten years, scientists have dramatically revolutionised the way they understand pain, especially chronic pain. A lot of what we thought to be true about pain is no longer supported by the evidence. What we now know is that pain is not a purely physical experience...

Yoga for Mental Balance

Pre Covid-19 outbreak, it has been estimated by the WHO that around 1 in 13 people globally, have anxiety.{1} Out of all mental health conditions, anxiety is the most pervasive. Since lockdown and increased restrictions were imposed throughout the world over most of 2020, the number of people...

yoga for resilience and longevity

Resilience and Longevity

Holistic Yoga and Holistic Somatics classes are safe and appropriate practices for adults of any age, fitness level, flexibility, background, gender and movement experience. This is because the classes are as far as possible created in the moment, tailored to the people who are...

Classes and Courses

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Holistic Somatics
Holistic Yoga
Free Meditation

Classes are currently on Zoom. In-person classes resume in September 2021. 

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Audio Courses:
Holistic Somatics  7-Weeks
Gentle Yoga 7-Weeks
Video Courses FromSept’21
Yoga for Resilience & Longevity
Yoga for Lower Back Health

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Weekend Retreat in Sussex 2021.

More retreats planned in 2022. Join my newsletter to learn about new retreats and online retreats


Students’ Reviews

I was a complete beginner and slightly nervous when I joined Julia's class but she immediately put me at ease. She is very experienced, beautifully spoken and very hands on. Her classes improved my flexibility whilst helping me learn to still my mind. Can not recommend her highly enough.
G. Carroll
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I have done much body work in my time. Julia is always coming up with things I have not done before while remaining faithful to the spirit of yoga. She knows how to encourage people and how to be tactful with their various difficulties. She uses her voice well and explains things very well. It is a pleasure working with her
E. Hunter
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