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What is Holistic Yoga?

Welcome! My name is Julia. My mission in life is to get people moving, breathing and relaxing. It’s a strange thing but modern life has interrupted our ability to do these three essential things well. We all know deep down that being sedentary, breathing shallowly and feeling stressed has a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. Holistic Yoga and Somatics is a way to naturally discover more awareness and ease in your body and mind. This allows you to create the right conditions for you to relax deeply and restore health and wellbeing. There’s no need for you to touch your toes or stand on your head, unless it brings you joy!

Live Zoom Classes
Live Zoom classes enable me to see and respond to your movement. Unlike many Zoom classes, they are interactive and designed on the spot for the people who attend.

I offer both group and one-to-one classes in Gentle Yoga and Somatics, General Holistic Yoga and Anatomy in Motion. Book your spot on the timetable here. 

Recorded Audio Classes
Listen to the classes below whenever you like, no need to look at another screen!
Gentle Yoga and Somatics Audio Class 
General  Holistic Yoga Audio Class

This style of yoga is a blend of ideas and practices that I’ve come across on my own healing journey. It’s closest to Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, as taught by Dianne Long. However, it’s always evolving and changing as I learn new things from various disciplines such as Anatomy in Motion; Hanna Somatics; Feldenkrais, Pilates; Corrective Exercise; Qigong; and fascial release techniques. Ultimately Yoga is the thread that weaves it all together. Yoga is unsurpassed in it’s understanding of human minds, human energy, human spirit. It offers us an array of practices, which aid us to navigate these times of great change. 

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