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Raw Chocolate Recipe

Ultimate Raw Chocolate If you make chocolate yourself, by hand you have full control over the ingredients  and their proportions. In this way you can make a healthy version of this "food of the gods" - tailored exactly to your personal tastes. Raw cacao is particularly high in minerals especially magnesium. This is the mineral that prevents cramping and aids muscle recovery. Coconut butter is good for metabolism, the thyroid and improving bowel flora. Lucuma is a natural sweetener - the more you use the more creamy and less strong and "buzzy" the chocolate is - remember chocolate contains a fair amount of caffeine. You can add nuts, dried fruits, vanilla essence or powder and other delights to your chocolate - I particularly like geranium and orange with...

banting bread linseed

Linseed Bread from The Real Meal Revolution

Linseed Bread AKA Banting Bread This bread had changed my life. If you want a quicker easier version then try this one. after years of crumbly unsatisfying gluten free breads, I am loving the light and moist, squishy texture of this bread so much! It does take a bit longer to make though, as you'll need to whisk the egg whites. Use a hand whisk it's good for your arm strength. However, you will need a high powered blender to freshly mill the linseeds, this doesn't work with ready milled ground linseed from a packet. The freshly ground linseeds give the bread the gluten type softness that is missing from all other gluten free breads.   Ingredients 2 whole eggs 1/2 cup of water 5 tablespoons of olive oil 250g of freshly ground flax...

pear and almond smoothie

Pear and Almond Smoothie Recipe from Always Hungry

I am a smoothie queen. When I started to eat according to the high-fat low carb way to help me to balance my blood sugar, I realised I had to give up the morning banana based smoothie ritual. I needed a high-fat low carb smoothie recipe and fast!! Bananas are high in potassium yes, but also pretty high in carbs. They were feeding my high low blood sugar swings and needed to go. It was a blow. :-( So, discovering I could substitute my morning banana based smoothie with pear has been a revelation. Pear is much lower in carbs and helps to keep our blood sugar steady. Try swapping the banana for a pear in your favourite smoothie recipes. Tropical fruits are higher in sugar so avoid them, berries...


Yoga for Hay Fever

Yoga for Hay Fever and other health techniques to help relieve seasonal allergic rhinitisWhat is Hay Fever?Hay fever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis, is hugely irritating. Commonly known symptoms are familiar: frequent bouts of sneezing and itchy eyes, nose and throat. Less often mentioned are the symptoms of mild anxiety and tension, coupled with a lack of energy and low mood. This comes from the effect histamine has on the adrenal glands. Anti-histamine medicines can help relieve some symptoms, but can make people feel even more whacked out. It is important to realise that these medicines treat the symptoms of the condition rather than the underlying root cause. In this way you will reduce your dependence on medication and improve your overall health.What Causes Hay Fever?Theories vary,...