video of tom Myers explaining tensegrity

Fascinating Fascia Part One: What is Fascia?

The video above is of Tom Myers, an anatomist specialising in fascia and the implications for movement and massage therapy. Click through to the video here. What is Fascia?When I mention fascia while teaching a yoga class, I’m often asked: “What is fascia?”Fascia is a huge and complex subject. Consequently, I often feel I don’t have the time to answer this question properly. So I'm excited and delighted to finally organise my thoughts into an article about this fascinating subject.If you look at a medical dictionary or Wikipedia, you’ll get a definition something like this:Fascia is a “band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilises, encloses and separates all muscles and internal organs.”This definition alludes to parts of the body...