Yoga and Stress Reduction – The Basics

Photo by Magda Ehlers from PexelsWhat is Stress?Stress is a tricky subject for a number of reasons. It is pretty broad term. When we talk about stress we could be talking about physical, mental, emotional or environmental stress. Some people can withstand a huge amount of stress and seem to thrive on it. Whereas for other people the smallest amount of stress is barely tolerable. We actually need to able to withstand stress, in order to become stronger. Stress isn't inherently bad, yet how our body-mind systems deal with it is critical. But how much is too much and how do we know?  Traumatic StressIf we can recover from stressful incidences well, rather than staying stuck in stress, then we will suffer few ill consequences. However, if we...

hot carrot cake smoothie bowl

Ayurvedic Breakfast Smoothie

Introducing my new Ayurvedic breakfast smoothie. I’ve been eating in a more Ayurvedic way recently. It is a tricky and I’ve not taken it fully to heart as there are so many food combinations that are not allowed (tomatoes and cucumber, for instance). Life is too short for worrying about that! However, I have noticed that my cold morning smoothie is not the best thing for my digestion, and I don’t like cold drinks anyway… So enter the smoothie bowl breakfast. It is so so good. This Ayurvedic smoothie recipe is adapted from Jasmine Hemsley’s book East by West. An Ayurvedic cookbook with a really modern tasty fresh twist. I love it!! Ingredients 2 large carrots chopped 2 large pitted dates (I used just one) 250ml of water 40g walnut halves (soaked...