Online Weekly Gentle Yoga and Somatics Classes

Welcome to your Online Weekly Gentle Yoga and Somatics Class

Back problems are so common in this day and age with us all sitting at our desks for many hours and probably incorrectly. This sequence is about creating a comfortable back. It’s a gentle sequence that works to lengthen the spine and activate muscles that support the back such as you glutes and inner abdominals. There are are also poses that relax and release stress held in the back. Supporting your back and spine, supports your overall energy and wellbeing. 


Time to Start Your Class

Collect together all the equipment you need. For most classes, including yoga and somatics you’ll need yoga mat, yoga blocks/bricks, a blanket and a yoga belt. Click here to view or print the Visual Practice Guide pdf. for the class. By taking this class you and acknowledge that you agree to the Disclaimer. This basically states that you agree to take responsibility for your own health, safety and movement during the class. Remember to stay within your comfort zone: less is more! Enjoy your class! 🙂



Zoom Classes or Audio Course

If you like this style of practising you might consider purchasing the audio class somatic course (this is a sample class from that course). 
Alternatively, the live online Zoom classes are a lovely way to practice if you like a longer class with live instruction on your movement, prefer to practice in a group, or if you have any questions or specific things you’d like to ask or focus on.  You can book a spot in an online Zoom class here.


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