venice Wallace chan exhibition

A Meditation in Titanium and Iron

This week I’m bringing you a shorter piece as I’ve been away in another land… to the astoundingly beautiful and highly improbably city of Venice. My partner was invited there to set up a soundscape for an artist called Wallace Chan. Mr Chan’s exhibition of incredible sculptures was inspired by his daily meditation practice. Originally it was a 10-metre high structure of iron girders and titanium heads, with a particular emphasis on the face and the sense organs. For this exhibit, the sculpture is deconstructed into piles of iron girders, with the ethereal Buddha-like faces rising peacefully out of what looks like devastation… 

It’s an incredibly beautiful and moving exhibition, which feels so relevant to these times. Alistair’s soundscape of gongs, earth frequencies and heavenly chimes all interweave to create a grounding yet otherworldly experience as people move around (and occasionally bump into) these amazingly crafted pieces. It’s impossible to convey the impact of seeing these sculptures in real life I recommend going to see them!! However, to get an idea you can have a look at Mr Chan’s website here and listen to the sounds on Alistair’s YouTube channel below.


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