Julia Moore – Biography and Qualifications
Experienced Yoga Teacher

julia moore holistic yoga classes crouch endI’m a full time yoga teacher with a passion for bringing yoga to everyone regardless of age, health or flexibility. My own healing journey with yoga has helped me to understand from the inside out, what it is like to practise yoga with pain. In addition my in depth training and research has given me lots of tools which enable me to tailor make classes to your individual needs. Unlike many yoga teachers I was not blessed with a naturally strong, flexible, healthy body that can easily “do yoga”. I have instead practised to reduce tension, pain and poor posture which I now know is due to hyper mobility. I took my first class at sixth form college in 1988, from then on it became a necessity to continue as I felt so much better after practise. Yoga continues to be a huge support to me both physically and emotionally, I am still learning on a daily basis about how the magic of yoga, movement and mindfulness supports and nurtures our body, mind and emotions.


experienced-yoga-teacher-vintage-yogaAs well as learning at college, I practiced at home avidly with the help of Iyengar’s Light on Yoga and a Lynn Marshall Yoga record (yes a yoga LP!) that I picked up in a charity shop. From this picture of Lynn, you can see that she is hyper mobile in her left elbow joint too. 🙂
Apparently Lynn did a lot to spread the word about yoga in the 1970s she had a programme on ITV (which I missed unfortunately, I was probably watching Scooby Doo instead!).

I continued my regular practice of yoga throughout my teens and twenties. It was the only way I knew how to stay relatively comfortable in my body and mind. It didn’t occur to me to become a yoga teacher until my early thirties. I had a very keen interest in natural health therapies (which helped me recover from asthma and bronchitis) but couldn’t decide on which complementary therapy to study and practice full time. One day it dawned on me that yoga was my therapy.

experienced yoga teacherSoon after this realisation, I came across Jenny Beeken and the Inner Yoga Trust. I loved her detailed instruction and her passion for yoga as a healing practise. In 2003 I took the 3 year training for the Teacher’s Foundation and Teacher’s Awareness Certificate. This in-depth training taught me a lot about myself and others and how yoga is such a relevant supportive practice for every body. In hindsight I am grateful that I waited to do this teacher training course. In my twenties, I simply didn’t have the maturity or life experience that the course demanded (at 31, I was the youngest person on the course). Through self reflection and group work we learned to use insight and intuition to teach yoga to students of varying ages, levels of fitness and flexibility. As a result my practice and teaching is sensitive and adaptable to every individual’s needs. The Inner Yoga Teacher Training is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and REPs (Level 3), which demand the highest standard in yoga teacher training. In addition to regular teacher training I have also completed courses in Yoga Therapy, with the Yoga Biomedical Trust in conjunction with Yoga Campus. I’ve also learned from Julie Friedeberger who specialises in teaching yoga to people living with cancer and Alison Trewhela and Robin Munroe both highly regarded specialists in yoga for back care.

Other Qualifications (not all are listed):

Pregnancy, Post Natal and Mums and Bubs Training, Bliss Baby, November 2015
I do not currently teach classes in pregnancy or post natal yoga but I love teaching students one to one, combined with my yoga therapy and back care knowledge this approach can offer a safe way for pregnant and post natal students to address back pain (and chronic pain) during and after pregnancy. Pregnant students from the second trimester onwards are welcome in all group classes (excepting Wednesday evenings) as long as they have a previous experience of yoga. For pregnant women who are new to yoga it is much better to go to a pregnancy yoga class.

Hanna Somatic Coach, Align Somatics, August 2015
This amazing course in neuro-muscular re-patterning helped me to deepen my understanding of movement and relieving pain and gave me loads of new tools for helping to relieve joint and muscle pain.

Teaching Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, Alison Trewhela, August 2013
This excellent course qualifies me to teach the scientifically validated Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Courses.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – Sitaram at Yoga Campus, November 2013
Most workshop and retreat classes incorporate this wonderful restorative practice for refreshing the mind.

Incorporating Pregnant and Post Natal Students into General Classes Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in association with Yoga Campus, November 2010

Meditation Teacher’s Certificate Swami Saradananda (British Yoga Teachers’ Association), June 2010

Yoga as Therapy Intensive Teacher Training “Understanding and Addressing the Sources of Pain” (Doug Keller in association with Yoga Campus), December 2009

Yoga Therapy Advanced Modules in the following subjects: Cardio Vascular System; Respiratory System; Teaching Yoga to People with Cancer; and Musculo-Skeletal Problems. Courses run by the Yoga Biomedical Trust in association with Yoga Campus. These in depth courses included case history submissions, mentoring and observed teaching. September 2008 – November 2009

Yoga Therapy Foundation Course, Yoga Biomedical Trust, June 2008

I regularly attend numerous classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training courses to further my own practice and personal development. The insights gained feed into my teaching – not all of these are listed.

Other courses of study I have undertaken influence my approach to teaching yoga – particularly the ITEC course in Massage, Anatomy and Physiology and the Gaia Foundation Course. I’m also trained to prescribe Bach Flower Remedies.

I have worked as a Health Advisor for the Haelan Centre for over ten years and have consolidated my broad knowledge of natural health and wellbeing by studying with the CHEK Institute to become a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.