women bending her fingers back to 90 degrees

Yoga for Bendy People – Hypermobility and Yoga

The Trouble with Bendy Joints“The trouble with you Julia is that you’re knock kneed, bow legged and flat footed.” Sixteen years ago, this was the blunt conclusion of Jeanette Thomson, a highly experienced osteopath. When I told a student osteopath friend, he said: "it's impossible to be both knock kneed and bow-legged." However, Jeanette was spot on. Hypermobile people can go too far in the range of motion of their joints. This means hypermobile knees can turn both in and out and even extend backwards further than is usual. In fact, I didn’t (as yet) have any pain in my knees. That's another story! Yet, my neck had seized up entirely, partly due to the stress of completing my university dissertation. Looseness in my joints and...

Yoga for Hay Fever

Yoga for Hay Fever and other health techniques to help relieve seasonal allergic rhinitis What is Hay Fever? Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is hugely irritating. Commonly known symptoms of this seasonal allergy are: frequent bouts of sneezing and itchy eyes eyes and nose. Less often mentioned are the symptoms of mild anxiety and tension, coupled with a lack of energy and low mood. Itchiness and irritation are also a problem. Anti-histamine medicines can help relieve some symptoms, but can make people feel tired. These medicines currently treat the symptoms of the condition rather than the root cause. What Causes Hay Fever? Theories vary, but current research is showing that hay fever is related to gut health. Without going into too much detail, certain foods and medicines (pesticide-laden food in particular) cause the...