Online Weekly Holistic Yoga Classes

Welcome to Your Online Holistic Yoga ClassThis sequence is about connecting to the energy centres along our spine, known in yoga as the chakras. Although seen as a rather new age type concept. chakras are actually a real phenomena that we all experience in our lives. IF you think to the lump in your throat when you are unable to express something; the butterflies in your belly when you feel nervous or excited; the sinking in heart, the tingling up your spine. These are expressions of the life force energy moving within the chakras. This class visits each chakra from the base upwards and then back down again, using the yoga postures. Enjoy!Payment for This ClassFor now it feels right to offer these classes on...


Online Weekly Gentle Yoga and Somatics Classes

Welcome to your Online Weekly Gentle Yoga and Somatics ClassThis sequence is about creating a comfortable back. It's a gentle sequence that works to lengthen the spine and activate muscles that support the back such as you glutes and inner abdominals. There are are also poses that relax and release stress held in the back. Supporting your back and spine, supports your overall energy and wellbeing. Donating Towards This ClassFor now it feels right to offer these classes on a donation basis. Some people are quite unaffected financially by the crisis, whilst others have lost all their income, or are on a much reduced income. PLEASE USE THE PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON TO PAY FOR YOUR CLASS.  Thank you so much for your generosity. Each Sunday morning new weekly...