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Holistic Somatics – 7 Week Audio Course

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Who is the Holistic Somatics Course Suitable For?
Join the Somatics for Beginners audio course to soothe and relax you mind, body and spirit from the ground up. It is suitable for everyone who can make their way to and from the floor. If you have an ongoing medical condition, have had a recent accident, injury, surgery or ailment, please do check with a doctor or your healthcare provider as to whether these gentle floor based practices are suitable for you.

Course Description
You will learn relaxing Hanna Somatic and Gentle Yoga practices to relax tension, engage and release muscles, mobilise joints and balance tone in your body. Each week you’ll receive an Audio Holistic Somatics practice, alongside a related meditation or breathing practice. The relaxations will help to deepen breathing, relax your nervous system and help to reduce physical and mental stress. Each week there is a different theme for the movement and meditations, starting from the feet and moving up the body finishing at the head.

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