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Welcome to the Holistic Yoga Audio Course
These classes are designed to be used repeatedly according to how you feel, so they do not have to be done in a particular order simply choose the one that fits how you feel in the moment.

The classes are suitable for everyone who has at least some experience of yoga and wishes to practice without a screen. If you are entirely new to yoga, it’s best to take a video course or even better come to a Zoom class where I can see you and give you some guidance. If you have an ongoing medical condition, have had a recent accident, injury, surgery or ailment, please do check with a doctor or your healthcare provider as to whether these gentle yoga practices are suitable for you. Remember you can always rest out things that don’t feel comfortable for you.

Important Note!
By taking this course, you are affirming that you have read and agree to the Holistic Yoga Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer. Thank you!

Course Description
These three classes and the accompanying relaxations offer relaxing and enlivening Yoga practices to support your overall holistic wellbeing. The physical asana practices help to mobilise your joints, improve body awareness and create a more balanced muscle tone throughout your body.

As your mind, emotions and spirit are deeply entwined with your body’s expression, you will be inviting these more subtle aspects of your Self to rebalance and harmonise throughout the practice. To support this deeper effect of the practice, be sure to stay as much as possible within the moment, anchor your attention in your body sensations and the breath.
The relaxations will help to deepen breathing, calm your nervous system and help to reduce physical and mental stress. This enables us to meet life’s challenges with more ease, clarity and grace.

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