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A 12-week guided, on-demand course to support
your health through the winter months


Join this online yoga course to access gentle, effective yoga and natural health practices at times to suit you.

These on-demand classes are specifically designed to support your physical health, mental well-being and lift your spirits during the winter months.

Breeze through winter, with Holistic Yoga

Yoga for Your Winter Health and Well-being

A list of what is included in the Yoga for Winter Resilience Course:

  • Over 20 hours of yoga classes, relaxation, meditation, breathing and general yoga tips. These are accessible on-demand whenever you need them, throughout the 12-weeks, in the course section of the holistic yoga website. Divided into sections so you work with the current themes
  • 6 live Zoom Q&A and short practice sessions with Julia (ask questions that come up for you around the yoga classes, advice on adapting the practices). Recorded and uploaded in the course portal.
  • 6 live Zoom Interviews with Natural Health practitioners giving simple advice for supporting your health holistically during the winter months. Q7A for live participants. Recorded and uploaded in the course portal.
  • 6 short .pdf guides on natural health in winter on the following topics: nutrition, herbal medicine; breathing and energy techniques (EFT); homeopathy and sound healing techniques.
  • 3 Newsletters: Early Winter; Mid Winter and Late Winter. These outline the themes that we’ll work on in the three sections of the course. Dates of the live Zoom calls will be here for you to add to your diary.
  • Weekly Emails with recipe ideas, suggestions for practice, encouragement and support.
  • A community of fellow students that you can connect with within a private discussion forum in the course portal that only course participants have access to. Share recipes and ideas, support and cheer each other on through this unique and uplifting process.
  • 3 free passes to the weekly  Zoom yoga and somatics classes on the Holistic Yoga timetable.
  • Additional resources, further reading: books, articles and videos to further your understanding
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Part 1: Early Winter (Week 1 – 4)
Create Calm &  Strengthen Immunity

How to Breathe Well
Online yoga videos to self-assess and improve your breathing, safely and enjoyably. 

How to Sit Well
In Winter we tend to sit more. Online videos to help you sit well (in the car or at a desk) as well as yoga classes to improve your sitting posture. 

Natural Health Fundamentals
Interview with Nutritionist Vanessa Alves: vital information
to help support your immune health. Interview with herbalist Sara Zanone: winter herbal tips for respiratory health, detox and mental wellbeing

Part 2: Mid Winter (Week 5 – 8)
Empower, Balance & Uplift Your Whole Being

How to Stand Well
Online Yoga videos to improve your standing posture, and therefore your overall physical and mental health.

How to Balance Well
Learning to balance helps to strengthen your core muscles
(hint, your core is more than your abdominals).
This work helps to build confidence and alleviates joint and back pain.

Natural Health Fundamentals*
Cranio-sacral osteopath and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
practitioners share tips for balancing energy, improving breathing
and dealing with stress and overwhelm. 

Part 3: Late Winter  (Week 9 – 12)
Deep Rest, Mobilising Joints & Refining Movement 

How to Move Well
Improve your walking gait, mobilise stiff joints, understand your movement habits and patterns.

How to Rest Well
Yoga practice videos for improving sleep, deep relaxation practices that calm your nervous system

Natural Health Fundamentals*
Sound Healing for nourishing the nervous system.
Homeopathy for preparing for Spring
*Exact topics and interviews may be slightly changed.

Julia’s yoga has been such a gift. 

Her attention to our individual needs and recognition of our different bodies and capabilities is just wonderful.
I have been to both in person classes and zoom classes and Julia’s ability to clearly describe and model the
movements in such detailed ways make the zoom classes great.
I love the non striving gentleness of the relaxations and am so grateful for Julia’s yoga which has been such a
support getting through lock down.

Cathy Brown – Holistic Yoga Student

online yoga course winter resilience

Online Yoga Course for Winter Resilience – Move Through Winter with Ease
Effective, easy, yet little-known practices
that bring comfort, calm, happiness and balance into your life

Course Registration opens: now
Course Starts:  8th November 2021
Cost: £250.00

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