We all need to take time out…

Especially if we live in a fast paced city like London town. We are bombarded with noise, advertising, crowded trains, buses and streets, we rarely get to see a wide open space or to experience true tranquility. A holistic yoga retreat offers us time and space to rest, recharge and restore ourselves in nature.


Choose Your Perfect Balance of Rest and Yoga Practice

A Holistic Yoga Retreat allows you to choose your perfect balance of rest and yoga practice. There are morning, afternoon and evening classes and in the middle of the day you are free to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, clean air and peaceful atmosphere of the carefully chosen retreat venues. The yoga, meditation and restorative practises are designed to help you to connect within and shed layers of tension, stress and tiredness. This process increases your vitality, stamina and mental and emotional balance.


Safe and Enjoyable Style of Yoga

Holistic Yoga is a very safe and blissfully enjoyable style of yoga, it is ideal for people working with stiffness, tension, joint problems and stress. The yoga, meditation and sound bath sessions allow you to sink into progressively deeper states of relaxation. This gives your nervous system a much needed rest and improves sleep and digestion. In Holistic Yoga classes there is no striving or competition. There is no need to “work” on touching your toes or perfecting your handstand. Instead, you will explore your strength, range of motion and subtle energy in a safe and sensible way, finding more comfort and ease in your body and mind. Some of the sessions are energising and strengthening, others are designed to enable you to unwind clear your mind and deeply relax.


Friends and Partners Welcome

All of the classes are optional so you can practice as lightly or intensively as you wish. Guidance is tailored to each individual on the retreat. These are the kind of yoga retreats that you could bring a relative, partner or friend to who may not have as much experience with yoga as you, safe in the knowledge that they will enjoy the experience as much as you do.


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