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Welcome to your Online Weekly Gentle Yoga and Somatics Class

This week, the theme is cultivating bravery and compassion. We’ll focus on moving energy in our heart centre, strengthening at the back and broadening at the front of the heart. This creates the opposite position of a slump (which we can often do in front of the tv or computer screen). By coming out of slump gives us energy, confidence and brings about warm hearted benevolence.

It’s always important to remember that it’s ok to take care of ourselves. In fact if we can give ourselves love, care and compassion, we are far more able to give others these same gifts. 

Payment for This Class

As I’ve yet to set up a way for you to purchase this class though the online booking system (I’m on a steep technical learning curve right now!) PLEASE USE THE PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON TO PAY FOR YOUR CLASS. In future, you will make the payment via website or newsletter, before getting access to this members area page.
NB: you are paying for unlimited access to this class page (listen and practice as many times as you like) until Monday 30th March at 9am. Each Monday morning a new class will be released.

Holistic Yoga Class Practice Agreement

As in a live class, you are required to take responsibility for your own movement. No one knows your body like you, not even the best osteopath. So as you go through these gentle practices listen and respond to any aches, pains, tweaks or twinges by lessening the range of movement and slowing the movement down. 

  • Less is More
  • Slower is Better
  • Let Comfort be Your Guide
  • Make the Movement Work for You

These is absolutely no need to push though discomfort or pain. If you feel something is not quite right, rest a while and join in slowly when you feel ready. By signing up for this class and playing the audio, you are agreeing to abide by the above guidelines and my disclaimer. If you are at all unsure, please seek professional advice.
I also offer one to one Zoom lessons and will be able to talk you through any adaptations you can make.

julia moore online therapeutic yoga teacher

Time to Start Your Class

Collect together all the equipment you need. For this class you’ll need yoga mat, yoga blocks/bricks (you can use a couple of thick hardback books if you don’t have them yet) and a blanket. Click here to view or print the Visual Practice Guide pdf. for the class. It’s nice to avoid the looking at the screen as much as possible. This helps your nervous system to rest and your attention to turn inwards. Enjoy your class! 🙂

Gentle Yoga and Somatics Class
Relaxation Practice

If you’ve donated already, thanks so much! If not please consider a donation, it’s much appreciated!  – Thank You, Julia xxx

Let me Know What You Think

I really hope you enjoyed your practice and would like to continue with weekly classes in this way. I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences. Use the comments box below under “post a comment” to ask questions, request practices or themes for next week’s class and to generally say hi and connect. New audio classes will come out on Monday morning. 

Social Media Share

To share on social media, please click the buttons in the black box to the right or at the bottom of your screen. It would be great to reach out to a wider audience. We all need to keep calm and keep moving during these challenging times.

Zoom Classes

Online Zoom classes are up and running, they loosely follow the same theme as the audio classes, plus whatever students bring to class.  You can book a spot in an online Zoom class here.

Thank you so much for your support! It means so much to me.

With love and good wishes, Julia xx 


Julia is an experienced yoga teacher and holistic lifestyle coach who offers yoga classes, private yoga lessons and health coaching in Crouch End, North London.

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