Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As a yoga teacher I follow an ethical code which includes the precept of “asteya.” Asteya means refraining from taking what is not mine to take.
I completely respect your right to privacy, your right to keep your personal information to yourself. I will only use information about you for your benefit, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and other relevant legislation and regulations. Your data will never be shared with any third party (company or person) outside of Holistic Yoga without your full knowledge and consent.

Booking App Data
You may to choose to pay for classes through my booking app, Acuity or my Shopping app WooCommerce. The Acuity app stores your mobile number as well (if you choose to give it) so I can send you a text reminder for classes. I will only use your number in connection with yoga lessons. I will never pass any of your data on to another company.

Card Payment Data
Acuity and WooCommerce use the Stripe payment system to process any payments made through this site. Stripe is widely used worldwide and ensures your card data is encrypted and totally secure.

Marketing Communications
By signing up to receive my newsletter you are consenting to receive marketing communications from me about yoga, health, classes, retreats, upcoming events and special offers. You can easily unsubscribe from these emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of the email. I do not want to be an inbox irritant!

You can choose to opt out of the cookies on this site by disabling cookies in your browser. If you choose to accept the cookies your experience of the site will be easier and more convenient. 

Paper Based Information
When you fill out a New Student Form for a private class I will print it out and store it in a locked cabinet alongside any notes I take on your progress and practices.

I promise that I will only use your data for legitimate purposes related to your yoga and movement journey. I will never pass on or sell your details to anyone, unless in the unlikely event that I am legally required to do so. You have the right to see any personal information which I hold about you on written request. You can also ask that any data I hold in reference to you is destroyed or deleted. 

I am not responsible for the data policies or procedures or the content of websites that I link to e.g. Google, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

For more information on online data privacy, I recommend reading Surveillance Capitalism by Soshana Zuboff. It’s an eye opener!

Questions, comments or requests regarding this Privacy Policy should be addressed to ju***@ho**********.uk

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