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Private yoga classes in crouch end

Private Yoga Classes in Crouch End and Surrounding Areas: One to One Yoga in N8

Availability for Private Yoga Classes in Crouch End

I’m available to teach private yoga classes in Crouch End, or within a 2km radius of central Crouch End, so if you’re a local to N8 in North London, then do get in contact to arrange a private lesson. Generally, I don’t have availability in the evenings or or weekends. Although generally I can visit your home on week days during regular office hours. 

Reasons for Having Private Yoga Classes

Many students choose to have private yoga classes so that they can have more specific instruction. Yoga can be tailored according to many individual needs, such as chronic pain, chronic illness or other conditions. More important than the label of what is going on for you is your unique body and mind.

Personal Yoga Tuition for You As an Individual

Each person is unique, so I’m likely to work with two people with the same diagnosis in quite different ways. The beauty of working in this way is that you become a co-creator of the classes. The feedback you give me, your body’s responses and your sense of connection to the practice will guide me to create a sequence that is just right for you on that day. This is not a case of you fitting to a standard yoga practice, but of me designing a yoga practice that works perfectly for you. 

The Benefit of One to One Yoga Classes

Regular one to one yoga classes that are specifically tailored to your unique body, mind and spirit can create a sense of health, peace and wellbeing that supports your every day life. Many people find that yoga helps to reduce stress in the mind and body. Such stress might arise due to pressing work or family commitments, or indeed the way that modern life is organised these days. 

Personal Yoga Tuition Provides a Safe, Enjoyable Practice Specific to Your Needs

Another benefit of personal yoga tuition is that it offers a way to keep moving in an enjoyable way. If your work is sedentary (especially if you work mostly from home) this is really important. Private yoga classes offer an accessible and safe movement practice for people who might have pain, illness or injuries. This is because the movement can be adapted specifically to your needs. Yoga breathing, relaxation and meditation practices can also be tailored to help you balance emotions, lifting the spirit, bolstering confidence, calming anxieties or channeling and soothing fiery energies. 

Here is a great article on which goes into more detail about the benefits of private yoga classes

Covid Protocols for Private Yoga Classes in Crouch End

I come by bicycle or sometimes on foot, generally I don’t use public transport to travel to teach. If you’d like me to wear a mask just let me know beforehand. I will wash my hands as soon as I enter your home and use tissues and hand sanitiser as needed. Generally, these days I stay around 1-2 metres from your mat. I can instruct adjustments using my voice, rather than my hands. It’s good if we can practice with a window open, but not if that is going to make you feel cold and uncomfortable! We will use our common sense together to stay safe. 

Cost of Private Yoga Classes – Home Visits

The first class is £75 and is a little over an hour. This is an assessment class when I will look at how you move and breathe to see where yoga and somatic practices can help to create more balance and ease. It is good to at least 5 or 6 private classes to feel the benefit of working with these practices on a weekly bases. If you book five classes it’s £70 per class; if you book ten classes is £65 per class. These ongoing classes are an hour long. 

To Book Your Class

Please email me at to book your class with some ideas on days and times you are available. I will send you a New Student Form (please see my privacy policy) and let you know what dates I can do.
I look forward to meeting you and teaching yoga the practices of yoga and somatics that can do such much to create comfort and ease in your mind, body and spirit. 

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