Holistic Yoga Audio Course (7 Lessons)


You will learn: relaxing and enlivening Yoga practices to relax tension, engage and release muscles, mobilise joints and balance tone in your body.

  • Each week you’ll unlock an Audio Holistic Yoga Audio Course practice, alongside a related meditation or breathing practice.
  • The relaxations will help to deepen breathing, calm your nervous system and help to reduce physical and mental stress.
  • Each week there is a different theme for the movement and meditations, starting from the feet and moving up the body finishing at the head.
  • Try a free sample class and relaxation from this course here.

Holistic Yoga Audio Course (7 Lessons, with additional relaxation tracks)

This Holistic Yoga Audio Course is ideal if you have some experience of yoga and are looking for a screen-free class with lots of detailed instruction. It is suitable if you are looking for a more mindful, anatomically sound and therapeutic practice. This course is suitable if you have mild back or joint pain – not the sort that needs medical attention. If you are new to yoga, or working with injuries, you might be better served by the Holistic Somatics 7 Week Audio Course.
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Enjoy your practice!


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