Raw Green Juice or Smoothie

This is my ultimate favourite green smoothie / juice recipe. It contains the some of the most alkaline foods available. To be totally honest, I usually make this into a juice as it goes down a lot better and I love it a lot more!

Thank you to Kate Magic for introducing me to the simple way to make juice without an expensive (and annoying to clean) juicer.
N.B. This only works with quite sturdy, strong blenders not the handheld type.
Place the following ingredients in your blender:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1 cup or more of filtered water, half a cucumber, 2 sticks celery, 1 lemon skin cut off, 1 large handful of spinach (large stalks removed or use baby spinach), 2 large leaves of kale, 1 turmeric root (whole)

If you like chilli add a pinch of cayenne pepper or add root ginger to taste.

Blend until smooth… add more water, chilli (dried or fresh) and/or lemon to taste.
To make into a juice: use a nut milk bag to strain and squeeze all the juice out leaving a small amount of green playdoh-like pulp ready for your compost, food recycling or another recipe.

Drink some straight away and enjoy the rest later on in the day, or the following day. Enjoy!!


Other ingredients to play with – (not all at once!): fennel bulb, fresh mint, ice cubes, coconut milk, lime, grapefruit (can be quite bitter), hemp seeds, chia seeds, fresh dandelion leaves, frozen blueberries – it’s good to keep fruit to a minimum especially if you are straining the mixture to make juice.