Making your own nut and seed milk

It’s really simple to make your own delicious plant milk. Experiment with nuts (such as almonds, macadamia, hazelnuts) or desiccated coconut. It’s good to soak them first

Simple Hemp and Coconut Milk Recipe

In your blender put:

1 cup or so of toasted coconut curls or shelled hemp seeds; or a mixture of the two
1 to 1 and a half litres of filtered water
A pinch of salt (you can taste and add more later)
A fresh mejool date or a little maple syrup (not necessary but can be extra yummy)
A half teaspoon of vanilla essence
A handful or two of cashew nuts (for more creaminess, if you use your milk for coffee)

Pop the coconut, hemp, date and cashew in a blend and pour on filtered water. Soak overnight.
In the morning, add the rest of the ingredients and blend for about a 2-3 minutes in a high speed blender.
Taste and adjust flavourings accordingly and re-blend.
Then strain through a nut milk bag into a wide jug. Then transfer to a screw top or cork top wide neck glass bottle and chill in the fridge.
Give your milk a little shake each time you use it to remix the ingredients.