Natural Winter Cough and Cold Remedies

It's that time of year, when the temperature drops, the light is fading and we seem to be more susceptible to catching colds, coughs and sore throats. So this come winter why not arm yourself with Nature's best cold and cough defenders? You don't have to spend a packet to make sure you have some seriously effective and very natural remedies, right where you need them - in your kitchen, ready for when those bugs start to try to take over your throat, your nose, let's face it...

yoga for healthy lower backs classes

Gentle Yoga – An Ideal Solution for Lower Back Pain

Do You Have Chronic Back Pain?Chances are, you have suffered from a spot of back pain at some point in your life. In most people, it will heal of it’s own accord. Once the body gets moving again, the muscles relax, release and recover. However, in a growing proportion of the population, back pain can hang around or re-occur, so that the condition becomes chronic.Release Yourself From the Vicious CircleChronic lower back pain creates a vicious circle in which movement is limited due to pain and restriction. When we (unconsciously or consciously) prevent an area of the body from moving we lessen the blood flow and lymphatic drainage to that place. As a consequence, the area becomes tight and stiff and this can contribute to...

women bending her fingers back to 90 degrees

Yoga for Bendy People – Hypermobility and Yoga

The Trouble with Bendy Joints“The trouble with you Julia is that you’re knock kneed, bow legged and flat footed.” Sixteen years ago, this was the blunt conclusion of Jeanette Thomson, a highly experienced osteopath. When I told a student osteopath friend, he said: "it's impossible to be both knock kneed and bow-legged." However, Jeanette was spot on. Hypermobile people can go too far in the range of motion of their joints. This means hypermobile knees can turn both in and out and even extend backwards further than is usual. In fact, I didn’t (as yet) have any pain in my knees. That's another story! Yet, my neck had seized up entirely, partly due to the stress of completing my university dissertation. Looseness in my joints and...

fascia as a sensory organ

Fascinating Fascia Part 2: Fascia as a Sensory Organ

In part one of Fascinating Fascia we found out what fascia is. If you haven’t read this article, have a look here. In a nutshell, fascia is a body wide, three-dimensional interconnected web of sliding, fluid filled tissue. It cushions and connects each and every muscle, bone, organ, nerve and blood vessel. Every movement within the fascial web affects the web as a whole, due to its biotensegrity structure. Fascia As an Sensory Organ Scientists used to think that fascia was inert, just packing material. Yet we now know that fascia is highly enervated. New research is discovering that there are more sensory nerve endings in the fascia than there are in the eye or the skin. This recent revelation means that fascia may be viewed as...

yoga and stress reduction

Yoga and Stress Reduction – The Basics

What is Stress?Stress is a tricky subject for a number of reasons. It is pretty broad term. When we talk about stress we could be talking about physical, mental, emotional or environmental stress. Some people can withstand a huge amount of stress and seem to thrive on it. Whereas for other people the smallest amount of stress is barely tolerable. We actually need to able to withstand stress, in order to become stronger. Stress isn't inherently bad, yet how our body-mind systems deal with it is critical. But how much is too much and how do we know?  Traumatic StressIf we can recover from stressful incidences well, rather than staying stuck in stress, then we will suffer few ill consequences. However, if we fail to recover from the...

hot carrot cake smoothie bowl

Ayurvedic Breakfast Smoothie

Introducing my new Ayurvedic breakfast smoothie. I’ve been eating in a more Ayurvedic way recently. It is a tricky and I’ve not taken it fully to heart as there are so many food combinations that are not allowed (tomatoes and cucumber, for instance). Life is too short for worrying about that! However, I have noticed that my cold morning smoothie is not the best thing for my digestion, and I don’t like cold drinks anyway… So enter the smoothie bowl breakfast. It is so so good. This Ayurvedic smoothie recipe is adapted from Jasmine Hemsley’s book East by West. An Ayurvedic cookbook with a really modern tasty fresh twist. I love it!! Ingredients 2 large carrots chopped 2 large pitted dates (I used just one) 250ml of water 40g walnut halves (soaked...


Fascinating Fascia Part One: What is Fascia?

What is Fascia? When I mention fascia while teaching a yoga class, I’m often asked: “What is fascia?” Fascia is a huge and complex subject. Consequently, I often feel I don’t have the time to answer this question properly. So I'm excited and delighted to finally organise my thoughts into an article about this fascinating subject. If you look at a medical dictionary or Wikipedia, you’ll get a definition something like this: Fascia is a “band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilises, encloses and separates all muscles and internal organs.” This definition alludes to parts of the body that are predominantly fascia. Such as the plantar fascia (the section of fascia under our heel that can get inflamed and sore if we walk...

raw chocolate recipe sugar free

Raw Chocolate Recipe

Ultimate Raw Chocolate If you make chocolate yourself, by hand you have full control over the ingredients  and their proportions. In this way you can make a healthy version of this "food of the gods" - tailored exactly to your personal tastes. Raw cacao is particularly high in minerals especially magnesium. This is the mineral that prevents cramping and aids muscle recovery. Coconut butter is good for metabolism, the thyroid and improving bowel flora. Lucuma is a natural sweetener - the more you use the more creamy and less strong and "buzzy" the chocolate is - remember chocolate contains a fair amount of caffeine. You can add nuts, dried fruits, vanilla essence or powder and other delights to your chocolate - I particularly like geranium and orange with...

banting bread linseed

Linseed Bread from The Real Meal Revolution

Linseed Bread AKA Banting Bread This bread had changed my life. If you want a quicker easier version then try this one. after years of crumbly unsatisfying gluten free breads, I am loving the light and moist, squishy texture of this bread so much! It does take a bit longer to make though, as you'll need to whisk the egg whites. Use a hand whisk it's good for your arm strength. However, you will need a high powered blender to freshly mill the linseeds, this doesn't work with ready milled ground linseed from a packet. The freshly ground linseeds give the bread the gluten type softness that is missing from all other gluten free breads.   Ingredients 2 whole eggs 1/2 cup of water 5 tablespoons of olive oil 250g of freshly ground flax...