Yoga Resources

Miracle Balls
These very simple squishy balls are really useful for helping to release tension and tightness in the lower back, buttocks, upper back and neck areas. You just lie on the balls, relax and breathe. It’s just £15 for two balls and a small book with instructions. I use these myself and highly recommend them.

Yamuna balls are much firmer than miracle balls and used for self massage. There are a few different sizes, my favourite are the black balls for the hips and shoulder areas. The balls are very high quality, but expensive and take ages to be delivered. While they are worth the wait, if you are ok with a slightly less firm ball, the franklin balls are cheaper, delivered the next day and do the job for most people. Ball rolling is very good for releasing tight muscles and releasing the parts that yoga cannot reach. They are particularly good for releasing tightness in the glutes and hips. Click through to the Yamnua link aboveand you will find downloadable videos on how to use the balls.

Yoga Bliss is a family run business specialising in yoga and pilates equipment. Our aim is always to offer you the best quality yoga products and we always strive to source them from like-minded, ethically considerate suppliers that actively care about you and our planet.


Health Food Resources

Haelan Centre
Lots of health information, recipes, complementary therapies and the full class timetable at the Haelan Centre’s studio.

Weston A Price Foundation
Weston Price was a dentist who travelled the world studying the diet and bone structure of indigenous cultures. The ultimate resource on natural health food.


The Big Wide World

Unreported World
A deeper look at world issues helps us to put our lives into perspective and connect to our fellow humans across the globe.

Partners In Health
A charity which helps to support the poorest people in the world in places such as Haiti where economic and natural disasters have brought about much suffering.
A global movement consisting of over 200 climate change groups worldwide. Find out more about the science involved and what you can do to raise awareness.

Karma Yoga

Valerie’s Calories
A friend of mine Valerie is raising money for Calais Kitchen – a volunteer led kitchen feeding refugees in Calais – by doing her favourite thing… baking. Valerie can make any cake you think of, she is also famous for her delicious and super pretty macaroons, salty caramels and real marshmallows! I am not saying this is health food – yet Valerie can use gluten free flour on request and she never uses margarine. The cakes and sweet treats make great presents or special treats for gatherings of families and friends. You pay for the ingredients, plus a suggested donation of around £10. To order go to Valerie’s Calories Facebook Page.


Recommended Practitioners

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Kim Wells has been practising acupuncture for well over twenty years – this experience, coupled with his extensive training both in the UK and China, gives him a great insight into using this wonderful ancient medical tradition to bring about pain relief and healing on a deep level.

Thai Yoga Massage
Jo Sorotos is an experienced Thai Yoga Massage practitioner who works at the Haelan Clinic.

Deep Tissue Massage
Jo Sollinger offers a myriad of treatments to support your health and wellbeing but is best known for her awesome deep tissue massage. You can visit her at her clinic or can do home visits.

Alistair Smith Sound Healing
This is a subtle yet powerful treatment similar to, but more deeply acting than, yoga nidra. The pure sound of tuning forks, harmonics and voice are used to bring the body-mind system into harmony and alignment. It is particularly useful for chronic illness, a sense of feeling stuck and working through past trauma as the sounds works beyond thought or concept to encourage a more balanced and clearer energy system.

Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki – Special Offer!
Tanya Spencer has over 15 years’ experience and a high level of expertise she provides personalised treatments for a wide range of medical and health conditions. She specialises in Reflexology for Preconception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care. Contact her on 0208 340 8106 or 0777 205 7029. If you mention my name you will get £10 off your treatment!

Other Links

What is Spondylitis
Spondylitis is one of the most common causes of back and neck pain. Yoga can effectively treat spondylitis. Read the yoga poses which can effectively treat spondylitis.