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Happy New Year!!

Most Classes are on Zoom Except the in-person Monday 1:30pm class
New term starts on the 4th January. The in-person Monday course starts on the 10th of January (no class on 17th January and 14th February). 10 weeks long at £130
Book the Monday in-person course here

Monday 8am – FREE Meditation Class – not running on the 3rd Jan
Monday 1:30pm Holistic Somatics (Zoom in August; then In-Person & Livestream)
Tuesday 6:30pm Holistic Somatics (Zoom)
Saturday 10:15am Holistic Yoga (Zoom)

How It Works:
When you book your Zoom link will be sent to you via email (and a reminder text sent to your phone if you enter your mobile number). For questions about booking classes see the FAQ page