Holistic Yoga Timetable – Scroll Down to Book A  Class

Monday 8:00am – FREE Meditation Class (Zoom)

Monday 1:30pm Holistic Somatics In-Person at Union Church
Tuesday 6:30pm Holistic Somatics (Zoom)
NB: Please bring your own yoga mat, yoga blocks and a fleece blanket to the In-Person Yoga Classes. Thank you!

How It Works:
Buy a class pass (for reduced rates) or book without a pass per class at the prices shown. Once you book you’ll get a confirmation email, with all the details, including the Zoom link for online classes. A reminder text is sent to your phone if you enter your mobile number. For questions about booking classes see the FAQ page

Concessionary Rates

I feel strongly that yoga should be accessible for everyone, please ring me on 07800 959 543 to discuss concessionary rates.


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