I have done much body work in my time. Julia is always coming up with things I have not done before while remaining faithful to the spirit of yoga. She knows how to encourage people and how to be tactful with their various difficulties. She uses her voice well and explains things very well. It is a pleasure working with her. - E. Hunter

I was a complete beginner and slightly nervous when I joined Julia's class but she immediately put me at ease. She is very experienced, beautifully spoken and very hands on. Her classes improved my flexibility whilst helping me learn to still my mind. Can not recommend her highly enough. - G. Carroll
I have had many yoga teachers over the years and know what a difference it makes to your experience and how hard it can be to find the right one. For me, Julia struck the perfect balance. She was professional and very attentive to individual needs, with a wealth of knowledge and variety of techniques. She was also incredibly supportive, calming and motivating without pressure. If you are looking for a new yoga teacher or to try yoga for the first time, I can’t recommend her enough. Whatever your level or confidence, give it a go! - C. Hay<br />
I have attended Julia's classes for many years; I still travel half-way across London for her classes. Her approach is gentle and yet she does demand the best of you. She is very safety oriented, adds a certain spiritual flavour to the work but remains quite body focused. I think she is very special. - J. House
I have had lower back issues for years and attended Julia's Yoga for Healthy Back Course - what a transformation! For many years I have been plagued with pain... but no longer and I can move again without having to think about it all the time. I can and have recommended many people to this course alone as it has totally transformed my life. I am now attending a general class and enjoying the opportunity to learn more. The benefits of yoga are well documented but if you are lucky enough to have an experienced and knowledgeable teacher like Julia then you just can't go wrong. - R. Fowler
I am not 'good' at yoga though I have tried it a number of times in the last 10 years, with 4 different teachers. More than any other teacher I have had, I feel in Julia's classes that being 'good' is irrelevant but rather that yoga as a practice is valuable and nourishing, whatever your ability. Julia supports all students, suggests alternative poses, helps you get deeper into a pose and generally gives a really high level of individual support. Right from the start, I felt that Julia made an effort to get to know me and my individual relationship with yoga, which is not something I have found to be the case in all classes I have tried.<br /> With Julia's classes, I am really starting to see how yoga is a practice that can support me in all areas of my life, rather than just a sequence of exercises. Julia helps me to see the connections between how my muscles feel, which poses I find difficult and how this might link to wider areas of my life. This more 'spiritual' side of yoga is something I have found enriches my experience of 'doing' yoga, without ever feeling too intense. In fact, Julia's classes have a real feeling of fun and playfulness about them, which is a great counterbalance to the more thoughtful elements. I work in a job with a lot of responsibility and stress and am usually feeling tired and drained when I come to the classes on a Wednesday night. Yet I always leave feeling physically and mentally balanced - relaxed yet energised and ready to face the rest of the week! - T. Ware.
Julia is an amazing yoga teacher and has a great ability to teach and guide people at very differing levels within the same class. She has profound knowledge about the body, which informs her practice. I had a very serious back injury last year, and Julia has helped me enormously - I would trust very, very few people with a broken spine and doing yoga but had no doubts whatsoever. She is that rarity, caring, understanding, deeply aware and informed, and also lots of fun. Even on a groggy Saturday morning when I would so enjoy a long lie-in, I always go knowing that I'll feel a hundred percent better afterwards, as this particular yoga does so much to release, open, and inspire body, breath and mind. - S. Case<br />