Holistic Yoga Classes – Crouch End

Photo By Tony Hall, Wood Pond Hampstead Heath, February 2008

Early Spring Term Dates 

The term starts on Monday 25th February 2019 and runs until Saturday 6th April.  Due to small class sizes, you can only book courses or buy class passes for the current half term period.

Options for Class Passes
Click on the links  below to buy your class pass. If it is your first class buy a drop in a click “pay later.” Your first class is just £10.

Single Drop In Class

Four Class Pass

Five Class Pass

Six Class Pass

Ten Class Pass

Class Desriptions

Gentle Holistic Yoga and Somatics Classes
Mondays 1:30pm Haelan Centre; Tuesdays 6:30pm Union Church; 
Gentle Yoga and Somatics (neuromuscular re-education) is ideal if you have niggling aches or pains from stress, injuries or poor posture. This work is also good for people who are very stiff or very bendy (hyper-mobile). People with back pain, sciatica; reduced mobility, people living with MS, ME, cancer treatment or other ailments of a longer term nature will also benefit from taking these classes.  

General Holistic Yoga and Somatics
Fridays 10:15am Union Church; 
Saturdays 10:15am Haelan Centre
These classes offer the neuromuscular Re-education principles of Hanna Somatics and Anatomy in Motion coupled with Yoga Practices for inner calm and serenity. Ideal if you are fairly mobile, yet have joint pain, back pain or stiffness. These exercises often demand more strength and stamina than the gentle classes so are not ideal if you are feeling tired or wish to move gently.

Holistic Yoga Classes

Wednesdays 10:30am One Yoga; Mondays 12pm at One Yoga
The Wednesday and Monday Holistic Yoga classes is quite strong, you’ll want to have a reasonable level of fitness and be prepared to work hard! That said, these classes are still ideal for yogis with questions or concerns about joint and muscle pain; although not ideal if the pain is inhibiting their movement practice. 

NB: The Monday 12pm class is bookable through the One Yoga London, you will need to buy their drop in or five class pass to attend this class.


Booking Terms and Details

It is cheaper to block book and helps to motivate you to come to yoga regularly. Yoga doesn’t work if you don’t do it!! 🙂
If you have to miss your usual class, you can make it up by coming to another class if there is space. You can reschedule or cancel a class through the booking system.This frees up your space for someone else who might be trying to book.

Please don’t just turn up unannounced to the classes, many are near capacity and I feel sad when I have to turn people away 🙁

If you prefer things the old-fashioned way you can text me on 07800 959 543 to reserve your space on a course or in a class. Bear in mind it does save us both time to use online booking. For those who are a little tech-shy, be reassured, the booking system is very simple, quick and easy to use. In the unlikely event you have a problem, just email me 🙂


yoga classes crouch endCrouch End Yoga Classes – Venues

The Haelan Centre Studio

Monday 1:30pm and Saturday 10:15 (Gentle Yoga and Somatics) and Saturday 12pm (Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs)
You’ll find this studio above a whole food shop called the Haelan Centre, just opposite the clock tower. The address is 41 The Broadway, Crouch End, London N8 8DT. The entrance is by the side of the shop in Crouch Hall Road, it’s a white door. Ring the studio bell to gain entrance to the studio. Climb the four flights of stairs to the second floor, then go the left until you see the waiting room.
No need to bring a mat unless you want to.

One Yoga Studio
Wednesday 10:15am Holistic Yoga 1.5hrs – Ground Floor Studio
Monday 12pm Holistic Yoga 1hr – Main Studio

A purpose built yoga studio with an extra studio on the ground floor. The Wednesday class is bookable through Holistic Yoga, the Monday class is bookable through One Yoga London.The address is 15 Myddeton Road, Hornsey, London N8 7PY. Myddelton Road is just off Hornsey High Street, opposite Grieg City Academy. The road is blocked off to cars just before the studio; but there is free parking in the surrounding roads to the North of Hornsey High Street, arrive earlier to find a space. The 144, 41 and W3 buses stop nearby.

Union Church, Upper Room
Tuesday 6:30pm Gentle Yoga and Somatics and Friday Gentle Yoga 10:15am
This cosy room is in a modern Church and it’s not set up as a studio so if you’re able to bring a mat that would be great. If not, don’t worry there will be some there for you to use. Union Church is on the corner of Weston Park and Ferme Park Road, the W3 and W5 buses stop nearby or it’s a ten-minute walk from the clock tower in Crouch End. Parking is fine on Tuesday evenings, but park in nearby Inderwick Road to avoid parking restrictions just outside Union Church on Friday morning.

Travelling to Crouch End.
Crouch End has a lovely village atmosphere due to the fact it has no tube station nearby. However, it’s really easy to get to Crouch End from the nearby Finsbury Park tube and overground train station. Just take the W3 or W7. The 91 and 41 bus routes also serve the area.

Here is a list of bus routes serving Crouch End
Click here for CPZ maps of the Crouch End are