Holistic Yoga Online

I have two options for group classes currently. Class prices have dropped while I experiment with this new way of teaching, so why not try both?

Weekly Audio Classes – £3; £7; £14.50 or more if you like!

These classes are currently donation based. I wish to make yoga available to everyone who needs it during this challenging time. Please pay what you genuinely are able to, knowing that if you pay more, you will help me to keep these classes open to people who have had a sudden drop or complete cessation of their income.
These classes offer a very relaxing low-tech alternative to doing online live Zoom classes. It’s the closest to experiencing an in-person class. You can listen to the classes as much as you like until the Monday morning when the new classes go up. Please donate on a weekly basis. Thank you.

Gentle Yoga and Somatics Audio Class – Listen Anytime – Click Here to Start the Class Now

General Holistic Yoga Audio Class – Listen Anytime – Click Here to Start the Class Now


Live Zoom Classes -£7

Book your place in a live Zoom group class using the timetable as usual.
You’ll get an email an hour before the class with the link. Your microphones will be muted for the class (sadly it’s the only way to create a bit of peace). We’ll have mics on at the beginning and end for check in and check out, if you need me to demo a pose or explain something.

The prices might change as numbers change but I hope to keep them affordable for all.

I’m also planning a Holistic Yoga App… launching later this year. 🙂

holistic yoga classes online

Yoga Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga and Somatics Classes

Mondays 1:30pm and Tuesdays 6:30pm Zoom Online
Anytime – Audio Online Class – Click Here to Start the Class Now
Gentle Yoga and Somatics (neuromuscular re-education) is ideal if you have aches or pains from stress, injuries or poor posture. This work is also good for people who are very stiff or very bendy (hyper-mobile). People with back pain, sciatica; reduced mobility, people living with MS, ME, cancer treatment or other ailments of a longer-term nature will also benefit from taking these classes.

General Holistic Yoga and Somatics Classes

Fridays 10:15am and Saturdays 10:15am Zoom Online
Anytime – Audio Online Classes – Click Here to Start the Class Now
These classes are a progression from the Gentle Yoga and Somatics Classes, but anyone who feels comfortable with some standing, strengthening work as well as the more relaxed somatic floor work. This class incorporates some Anatomy in Motion practices and are a good choice particularly good if you have an injury or joint pain, but are otherwise fit and active.