Holistic Yoga Online

Live Zoom Classes 

£9 each (£7 if you book a 4-class pass)

Once you book on the class timetable, you’ll get an email an hour before the class with the link. We’ll have a chat prior to the class while we set up and check in with how we are all feeling… Your microphones will be muted for the class but you can un-mute and ask a question at any point. Also, if you have any questions after the class, do feel free to ask.

holistic yoga classes online

Audio Classes 

£49 for a 7-week course of classes

These classes are high quality audio classes, with detailed instructions and an accompanying photo guidance sheet (downloadable as a .pdf). The seven week course is available for those who wish to get a new class each week, to play at any time. It’s ideal if you can’t make the Zoom classes or to support your home practice between the Zoom classes. 

Yoga Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga and Somatics Classes

Mondays 1:30pm and Tuesdays 6:30pm Zoom Online Book Here
Free Audio Online Class – Click Here to Start the Class Now
Gentle Yoga and Somatics (neuromuscular re-education) is ideal if you have aches or pains from stress, injuries or poor posture. This work is also good for people who are very stiff or very bendy (hyper-mobile). People with back pain, sciatica; reduced mobility, people living with chronic ailments might also benefit from taking these classes. Please check with your doctor and see the disclaimer.


General Holistic Yoga Classes

Fridays 10:15am and Saturdays 10:15am Zoom Online Book Here
Audio Online Class – Click Here to Start the Class Now
These classes are a progression from the Gentle Yoga and Somatics Classes, but anyone who feels comfortable with some standing, strengthening work as well as the more relaxed somatic floor work. This class incorporates some Anatomy in Motion practices and are a good choice particularly good if you have an injury or joint pain, but are otherwise fit and active. Please check with your doctor and see the disclaimer