How to Find The Haelan Centre Studio

The Studio is above the Haelan Centre, an organic, wholefood and natural remedies store in the heart of Crouch End opposite the clock tower.

The entrance to the studio is in Crouch Hall Road, just past the three glass windows of the shop. It’s a cream coloured door with HAELAN CLINIC overhead.

Ring the UPPER STUDIO buzzer and once the door opens come up to the top of the stairs (about 3 flights) turn left and walk to the end of the corridor to the room marked STUDIO.

Travel and Parking Information:

W7 or W3 buses from Finsbury Park Station (Victoria and Piccadilly Line by tube, British Rail and the following buses: 4, 19, 29, 106, 153, 210, 236, 253, 259, 279) or Crouch Hill Station (London Overground – Gospel Oak- Barking line).

41 or W5 buses from Archway Station (Northern Line and the following buses:4, 10, 17, 43, 134, 143, 210, 263, 271, C11)

41 bus from Turnpike Lane Station (Piccadilly Line and the following buses:29, 67, 121, 123, 141, 144, 184, 217, 221, 230, 231, 329, 444, W4) or from Hornsey Station (British Rail)

Parking facilities are available in Crouch Hall Road next to the Police Station, information about the CPZ is here. Generally one can find spaces in Crouch Hall Road and the Roads off it, but there is controlled parking between 2-4pm; if your visit is during this time, park on Crouch Hill or the Roads off it (this CPZ is during the hours of 10am-12pm).

There are numerous bike racks outside the Centre.