Private Yoga Classes Crouch End

private yoga classes crouch end
Yoga in the Comfort of Your Own Home

I offer private yoga classes in Crouch End, at your home or mine, in the day time on weekdays. These classes are usually one to one, or you can learn alongside friends or family. My current students live in the Muswell Hill, Stroud Green, Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, Highgate as well as Crouch End.

There are many advantages to learning yoga privately. The main one being that each lesson is tailored specifically to your individual needs, on that particular day. The pace and intensity is exactly matched to your needs, much more than is possible in a group class.

Some people come with no particular health problems but enjoy a regular yoga practice for general mental and physical wellbeing. Other people find yoga helps to alleviate pain from old injuries or postural habits. Weekly practice offers an ideal antidote to today’s hectic schedules and can help to relieve excess stiffness related to long hours spent travelling, on the computer or at a desk.

Yoga as a Supportive Life Practice

Yoga is an incredibly healing practice that can support you in your journey in life, with all its inherent challenges. The scientific study of yoga practices is now very common and there is a lot of evidence to show that simple breathing and awareness practices are of enormous value in reducing stress and it’s related problems such as anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, back pain; joint pain and fertility. There are many lovely supportive practices for supporting women through pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

The practice is accessible and adaptable for everyone and it helps to foster peace and inner strength in living with cancer treatment and other life-changing illnesses, such as MS or chronic fatigue syndrome. If back pain is a problem I can teach the scientifically validated Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course to you as a series of twelve private lessons. If mobility is reduced, for whatever reason, there is still a wealth of yoga practice that can be explored and enjoyed from a bed or a chair.

Email me or ring me on 076800 959 543 to find out more.


Daytime Private Yoga Lessons (9am – 4pm)

2km radius from Crouch End £55
4km radius from Crouch End £65

Early Morning (6:30 – 8:30) Yoga Lessons

£65.00 per hour – at your home
£82.00 per hour – at the Haelan Studio

Classes at the Haelan Studio

£72 per hour (daytime weekdays only)