private yoga classes crouch end
Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs and Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

I offer private yoga classes in Crouch End, at two local studios. There are many advantages to learning yoga and somatic movement one to one. The work we do is exactly matched to your individual needs, much more than is possible in a group class. 

Many people choose private classes as a way of understanding and alleviating pain. In the first class, we will look at your static posture and go through a movement assessment. This enables us to understand your walking gait. As we spend a lot of time walking, any imbalances present are likely to contribute to your joint pain. Also we will discover how accidents, movement habits and surgeries can be affecting your movement, even decades after the original occurrence. We also look in detail at your feet and how they may be affecting your pelvis, hips, spine and lower back.

Anatomy in Motion and the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course both work really well as a private tailor-made course of classes to help you address muscle imbalance, stress and pain.

Yoga and Hanna Somatics

Yoga is an incredibly healing practice that can support you in your journey in life, with all its inherent challenges. The scientific study of yoga is now very common and there is a lot of evidence to show that simple breathing and awareness practices are of enormous value in reducing stress and it’s related problems such as anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, as well as pain.

The practice is accessible and adaptable for everyone and it helps to foster peace and inner strength in living with cancer treatment and other life-changing diagnoses, such as MS, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. If mobility is reduced, for whatever reason, there is still a wealth of yoga practice that can be explored and enjoyed seated in a chair.

Daytime Private Yoga Lessons (9am – 5pm)

At either Project Me or Haelan Centre Studio both in Crouch End.
£82.00 per hour (Yoga; Hanna Somatics)
£125 for one and a half hours (Anatomy in Motion for Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs).
Home practice guidelines are included, which may be worksheets, recordings or videos.
Email me or ring me on 076800 959 543 to find out more.