Gentle Yoga and Somatics

These classes run on
Mondays at 1:30pm; Haelan Centre (FULLY BOOKED)
Tuesdays 6:30om; Union Church (5-week course) BOOK HERE
Saturdays 10:15am; Haelan Centre (4-week course) BOOK HERE
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yoga-restSlow, Mindful Neuromuscular Re-education

Gentle Yoga is focused on alleviating pain and tension, thus improve your health and wellbeing. Poor posture, poor responses to stress, and lack of rehabilitation after injury can cause cause chronic aches and stress patterns in the body. Furthermore, this type of tension, if left unchecked, may lead to digestive problems, headaches, circulatory problems. Tension can stress can really sap your natural vitality. You may feel too tired or wiped out to attend a regular yoga class even though you know that you need to do something to improve your health. Gentle Yin Yoga and Somatics classes can help you release tension in a way that is both restful and rejuvenating.

Less Is More

Unfortunately, society encourages people to “just get on with it.” Even if you are as young as 40, you may be told by your doctor: “accept it, it’s just part of the ageing process.” However, the good news is you do NOT have to put up with those niggling aches and pains any more. You certainly do NOT have to follow the usual pattern of ageing with the accompanying physical and mental decline. Yoga and neuromuscular re-education will help you to improve your mood and level of comfort in your body. There is no need to do any crazy yoga poses to feel the benefits.

Deeply Restful and Anti Ageing

What you may think of as rest is not really restoring to the body. Watching TV, having a glass of wine, even sleeping, can cause more strain instead of alleviating it. It is common for people to not know how to respond to their body’s signals to relax. The feeling is like being stuck in overdrive, not knowing where the brake is. However, mindful movement and yoga give you access to the brake pedal. If we could put yoga in a pill it would be the best selling drug out there. No medicine can switch your nervous system from its “fight or flight mode” to the “rest and digest mode” like yoga does. Using yoga techniques allows your body to work towards repairing and restoring itself. You can literally wind back the clock and feel better as you get older.

Ideal for Everyone, Including People with Pain and Injuries

The Gentle Yin class is good for everyone who wishes to take time out. It is like a mini self-nurturing retreat that you can fit into your everyday life. It’s ideal for busy mothers, people with stressful demanding jobs and those who suffer from insomnia. It’s a good choice if you are feeling exhausted, have an injury, back or joint pain or are working with a chronic ailment. The gentle yin class is ideal for people living with conditions such as arthritis, MS, ME, fibromyalgia and cancer.
NB: access for the less mobile is much easier at the British School of Shiatsu site. There are several flights of stairs to climb at the Haelan Centre.

My Own Journey With Yoga and Pain

I first started yoga when I was in my teens as I had continual discomfort in my body. Later I learned this was because I am hypermobile. I’ve worked with chronic pain in my hip and back, as well as stiff upper back, neck and shoulders. For over 25 years much of my yoga practice has been geared towards alleviating, managing and preventing pain. My achy, oversensitive joints and muscles have been my greatest teachers over the years. This teaching was invaluable as I moved through and totally recovered from various injuries. These included knee pain (meniscus and medial cruciate ligament tears); shoulder pain (subluxated shoulder joint); and SIJ pain (sacroiliac dysfunction).

Not all Yoga is Therapeutic!
not all yoga is therapeutic

Unfortunately, some common yoga asanas and practices can contribute to pain. However, the Holistic Yoga classes are based on sound anatomical principles. The Gentle Yoga classes are quite different from a usual yoga class. The movements are simple and enjoyable, there is no need to do anything that doesn’t feel totally comfortable for you. The old adage no “pain no gain” does not apply here! Another important difference is that you’ll be working in a small group class, so you get individualised instruction.

One to One Yoga

To get the most out of your yoga practice it may be necessary to have a one to one class from time to time to look in more depth at patterns of restriction and/or overworking. If you are at all unsure about joining the gentle yoga and somatics group class, then book at private class first and I will advise you about what would be the best way to proceed.