Yoga for Back Pain Relief
Online Course Starting in October 2020 

Congratulations and welcome!
You’ve taken the first step towards dramatically improving the health of your lower back. Gentle yoga really is the answer to this debilitating and draining problem. I’m here to let you know that there is a way back to health and comfort. You CAN regain confidence and strength in your back.
As a specialist in yoga for back pain, I was interviewed on ITV’s Tonight programme entitled Back Pain: Britain’s Unseen Crisis. Just click on the link to your right to see what a difference this specialised, scientifically validated programme can make.

The largest scientific study of yoga to date found that this particular course of specially designed yoga classes can greatly improve back health and function. Research showed that people who completed the course reduced their absences from work by 70%. Additional research found the course to be safe and extremely cost effective. The main research was conducted by the University of York, sponsored by Arthritis UK and published in a leading medical journal in 2011. Details Here.

Is this Course Suitable for Me? 

The course is ideal for everyone who is experiencing chronic low back pain and/or sciatica. This may be due a number of diagnoses, including: prolapsed discs; spinal misalignments (spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, lordosis, spinal stenosis); degenerative disk disorder; arthritis, sacro-illiac problems and more. However, the course is not suitable for pregnant women, or if the pain is very severe and ongoing. You must be able to get to the floor to lie down and back up to seated on a chair (using a chair if needed). Please check with your doctor if you are unsure.
The course is designed for people who are in pain, so the classes are gentle and pleasantly relaxing. You are not required to push through pain or to do any exercise that causes discomfort. You’ll start gently, and gradually build to strengthening and mobilising poses when they become appropriate for you.

Stress and Back Pain

The latest scientific research is proving that stress and pain are related. Unlike many other exercise programmes for back pain, yoga emphasises stress reduction. Simple breath techniques can shift your nervous system into parasympathetic mode (which is the opposite of the sympathetic “fight or flight mode”). This shift is quite profound for many students, who have been feeling stressed for literally years. The course weaves in techniques like breath awareness, mindfulness and deep relaxation, into each classes. You’ll learn how to rest; how to breathe and how to be more aware of your posture and movement in everyday life. By practicing in this way you’ll discover how to release deeply held habitual tension and lessen the negative effects of stress on your body and mind.

Namaste! Julia and Dr Oscar Duke on ITV's Tonight Programme

Taking Control of Your Back Pain with Yoga

This course is all about education. You’ll learn about how to sit, stand, lift, walk and lie down to best help your spine. You’ll also learn four sequences and a few “first aid yoga poses” that you can use throughout your life to soothe your back if it gets uncomfortable.  In this way you can nip a back pain episode in the bud, lessening the need for expensive treatments.
The power of a personal yoga practice is enormous. Many people worry that they are too old, too stiff or too busy to start yoga. However, if you’d like to regain freedom of movement, peace of mind and better health, there really is no better way. Except in some cases of an individual prolapsed disc causing ongoing sciatica, or more serious problems involving nerves of the bowel and bladder, surgery is not often recommended for back pain these days. NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recommend patients take gentle appropriate exercise alongside psychosocial education. This is essentially what the YHLB course consists of, plus stress reduction, postural education and individualised yoga classes.  

Student Testimonials

Here are some comments from students who have taken the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course with me:

“I have not had back pain since completing the course” 

“This course has totally changed my life, I am much more confident and feel more in control of my back pain.” 

“Not taken any painkillers since doing this course!”

“The best thing about the course was learning how to be much more mindful of how to work and how to use my body more efficiently to help the lower back.”

“This course helped me to understand how to deal with a painful back and to know what to do with confidence.” 

“My daily back pain has decreased. I have had periods of feeling “nothing” which doesn’t happen very often (I initially panicked wondering what was wrong!) – it was simply that there was no tension or pain.”

“Julia gave me confidence and reassurance when practising yoga. Julia is engaging, caring and very competent.” 

“I experience relief of pain/ache immediately after each lesson.” 

“Thank you very much indeed for rescuing my back. I have learned how to get rid of pain, thanks to you.”

This is what a physiotherapist, specialising in back pain, said about the course.  Overall I would highly recommend the course. If I had significant back problems then, without question, this is what I would do. I have been involved solely with low back pain for 12 years with a specialist pain clinic and have masters level qualifications in the subject.”

When is the Next Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Course?

The next course is online via Zoom. 

The group classes are running from the 9th October to the 18th December.

Each student will start the course with a one to one lesson, which is included in the course price. WE’ll have this private Zoom class  on day and time convenient to you between 28th September and 5th October

Booking is open now, places are limited to 6 to enable me to see people really clearly on my widescreen TV. Each student will get a one to one class as part of the course. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The price is £265.00 for the 12-week long course (1 private lesson + 11 group lessons).

In addition (if you are a new student) you’ll need to purchase the resource pack here before the course starts. It’s £60.00.
Please note the resource pack is not that much use without the help of a qualified Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teacher. For the best results, you will need to have your back assessed and have the exercises tailored to your specific back issue.

To help with the cost of the course, you pay half upon booking and half in a month’s time.

It is important to do the whole course as for some people, the benefits only start to become apparent in the second half of the course.  The price of the course is non-refundable. However, you can transfer to another course at a later date or pass the course on to another person. 

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How do I Book and Pay?

Please remember places are limited so it’s good to book sooner rather than later. There are two ways to pay, either use button below to book online using a debit or credit card or email to confirm there is space and then do a bank transfer.

When you click on the button to the left you’ll be go to the Holistic Yoga secure booking page. You’ll pay £132.50 now and £132.50 a month later. Your space will be reserved on the course.

If you prefer to pay the full sum by bank transfer, that’s fine. Use the following details.
Remember to order your resources pack for £60 here. 

Bank Details
Account Name: Holistic Yoga
Account Number: 69478372
Account Sort Code 08 – 92 – 99

Places are limited to 6 people per class. 

Please note this course is for pain in the lower back. If you have an upper or mid back problem only, you will benefit from private classes. If you have lower back pain and upper and/or mid back pain, you will benefit from doing the course.

What do I need to Bring?

As you’ll be practicing at home, you’ll need your own equipment. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and not too baggy so I can see your movement clearly. Layers are ideal, but you won’t get hot or sweaty, this is gentle yoga. Have some water nearby to drink during and after class. 
Yoga Equipment You’ll Need: a yoga mat, yoga block (standard size – not a half block or a brick size) and yoga belt. These can be purchased for a reasonable price at the Haelan Centre in Crouch End. Good online stores are Yogamatters or Ruth White Yoga Products. The size of block you need is 30 x 40 x 5cm. You may like to get two additional half width blocks of 30 x 40 x 2.5cm dimensions. It is receommended that if you are driving to class, to optionally bring a soft light blanket and a bed pillow.
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