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I’m running one gentle yoga class in Crouch End at Union Church on Weston Park, N8.
There is another class on Zoom. You can book either the in-person or the online class on the Holistic Yoga Timetable here.  
Before getting in contact, do check if your questions is covered below or in the separate FAQ section. Thank you!

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In-Person Classes at Union Church

Holistic Somatics In-Person  Union Church.
Class is in the Upper Church Hall> Please enter using the flight of steps at the front of the building in Weston Park.

Union Church is on the corner of Weston Park and Ferme Park Road, London N8 near the W3 bus route.

Mondays – Holistic Somatics 1:30 – 3pm

Buy a Five In-Person Class Pass Here for £70 (use to book either class, valid for one year from date of purchase)
Buy a Ten In-Person Class Pass Here for £130 (use to book either class, valid for one year from date of purchase)

Please bring your own equipment, You’ll need a yoga mat, fleece blanket, yoga blocks and a yoga belt (all available to buy if needed, please text prior to your class and I will bring them for you). 

These classes are ideal for people who are working with some pain, stiffness or chronic ailments. We take things at a slower pace with lots of options for movement so you can find something to suit your own body’s needs. Many people find this type of yoga helps them to relieve the pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, injuries or other aches and pains. The somatics class is a good choice if you have chronic fatigue, are recovering from chronic illness, or would like to practice very gently for whatever reason.

Please note you must pre-book online before the class starts, please don’t just turn up. Thank you!

+44 7800 959 543
(my phone is often off, it’s best to email or text me)

(please note: I answer emails Monday – Friday only)

Yoga Crouch End, North London UK
(in-person classes in N8 or on Zoom for lockdown or non-locals)


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Clothes you can move around in are ideal. Choose leggings, tracksuit bottoms (not too baggy) or shorts. It is good to layer a long sleeve t-shirt over a short sleeve t-shirt as you change temperature through the class. For summer classes wear a vest underneath a short sleeve t-shirt. If you have a very good reason to keep your socks on (athletes foot, verruca, other foot problems) it is best to use toe socks. Remember, however comfortable your jeans are, they are not the best choice for yoga practice!

For Zoom Classes: A blanket, two standard Yoga blocks, a yoga belt, a bed pillow. A yoga mat if you are attending a Holistic Yoga class. For Holistic Somatics Classes a mat is not so important. For In-Person Classes (Including Retreats): A yoga mat, 2 half thickness yoga blocks; 1 standard yoga block; yoga belt; blanket. Optional extra mat for thickness, bolster. For more information on the equipment I recommend see here.

Many teachers recommend not eating for at least two hours before you come to class. However, if  you need to eat before class keep it light, protein rich and easily digestible. I often have a protein shake or a handful of walnuts an hour or so before class. Eating a large meal is not ideal… you will be very conscious of it throughout the class! 

It is also good if you can drink some water before class and especially afterwards. Some teachers say it isn’t ideal to drink during a class, again, I disagree… small sips if you are thirsty is ok.

Yoga can be practised by anyone, it makes absolutely no difference whether you can touch your toes or not!

However, if you are in any doubt as to whether you should participate in a movement class do consult your doctor.

These classes are gentle and alternatives are available if you find the movements uncomfortable. Just ask. You are always encouraged to move within your comfort zone. I cannot be responsible for your movement, as only you really know what feels right for you.

Holistic Yoga and Holistic Somatics are ideal type of yoga for beginners who  as there is plenty of detailed instruction. Additionally, there is no sense of competition or need to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.


The practice will help you to relax, breathe more comfortably and become more body aware. Many scientific studios have shown that this can help reduce chronic pain.  

Many students have found that, with regular attendance, backaches and other joint aches and pains simply cease to be. It is a practice well worth starting and continuing regularly. 


When you first start to practice your body will start speaking to you in the form of various sensations. Generally we are looking for pain free movement, including tweaky, thingy sensations or a feeling of thing not feeling ok. 

Gradually you will get used to what your body is trying to communicate to you. To start off with you will find the following guidelines useful:

Good “Pain”:  associated with lengthening or strengthening, a dull aching but mildly pleasant feeling in the muscles – common in calves, thighs, buttock muscles. This type of “pain” should lessen as you hold the pose, focus on breathing and relaxing into the area. After a while you will cease to view these sensations as pain, more as “an interesting sensation that demands your full attention.”

Bad Pain: Sharper, shooting pains, twinging or aching in the the joints or spine, or a place where you regularly feel pain. Tingly nerve type pain in arms or legs, feet or hands. If you experience this kind of pain, stop what you are doing and tell me. There’s no need for alarm, it is just your body saying “you are pushing this too far right now.” Usually poses that cause this type of pain are exactly the right poses to be practicing just in a more gentle or supported way. Backing off or using props as instructed can stop the pain and start the healing process.

And don’t worry – yoga is not all about pain! In fact, it is usual to feel quite ‘blissed out’ after attending a yoga class. The best way to practice is with a feeling of comfort and at ease –  there is no competition to win, no glory in getting your foot behind your head or touching your toes.

The golden “yoga prize” is inside and all around each one of us, already. Our goal is not to get there, but to realise that we are already there.



Below are the studios I teach at. These venues are easily accessible from Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Haringey, Wood Green, Highgate, Stroud Green, Finsbury Park and Archway.  

Do remember to bring your own yoga equipment and a bottle of water to class.

Please join my mailing list to get updates on when the in-person classes will open. 

Union Church – Upper Hall, London N8

This space is also around ten minutes walk from the centre of Crouch End. It has the advantage of a car park that can be used by people with mobility issues (car parking is available on surrounding streets also). The W7; W5 and 91 and 41 buses stop nearby. Union Church is easily accessible from Muswell Hill, Finsbury Park, Stroud Green, Wood Green and Archway. 

Truro Court, London, N8

I teach some private one to one classes in my living room, in my flat in Crouch End. Please be aware that I live on the second floor, so there are a few stairs to climb. Free parking is available in my street after 12pm. W7 and W5 buses stop nearby. There are also nearby bike racks on Park Road, to lock your bike to. It is an easy journey from from Muswell Hill, Finsbury Park, Stroud Green, Highgate and Archway. 

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